Vision and Values

Our vision and our enduring goal is to be the most trusted and respected source of expertise and the partner of choice for companies that seek to create a competitive advantage using Information Technology (IT).

Our business is founded on and operates with the conviction that we treat our clients, our employees, and our partners with integrity. We embrace the following values and believe that excellent client service comes from excelling at these three things:

  • Mastery – We delve deeply into the technologies we work with so that we have a thorough understanding of their use, optimization and best practices. We strive for continuous learning and are driven by a constant curiosity about the ever evolving world of Information Technology (IT).
  • Collaboration – We value the success of our clients and our team above individual stardom or recognition, and are eager to share our knowledge and experience. We practice “Mental Philanthropy” and realize that, unlike traditional philanthropy, the more knowledge we give to others, the more knowledge we have.
  • Delivery – We take pride in helping our clients accomplish their objectives, and are keenly aware that our reputation and our very identity as a company are based upon the results we achieve. We listen carefully to our clients’ needs, constraints, rationale and expectations so that we understand their motivation and share their sense of urgency.

Integra’s consultants are seasoned IT experts who are committed to delivering measurable value by designing tailored solutions to meet our clients’ short- and long-term goals. Integra prides itself on setting realistic expectations and meeting them consistently. Most important, we strive to understand our clients’ business and technology problems so that reasonable and practical solutions can be applied.